Since its first day Jenito has been a distinctively Christ-centered company with a singular focus: pointing people to God by creating fantastic video games and entertainment media. We hope to entertain, to encourage, and to challenge our players to live harder, love better, enjoy more genuinely, and seek always the Truth that is ever present around them.

Jenito believes a few things about games that we think are worth sharing. These principles guide us as week seek to fulfill our mission.


Plain and simple, games should be enjoyable. We don’t believe in games that “punish” players by restricting the fun from them. We don’t believe in products that trick players into thinking they’ve purchased a game only to discover they need to drop another $20 on DLC. We don’t think we have to work against a modding community if they add things that make the game even more enjoyable than our original release.

It’s simple, really. Games should be fun, and as developers we shouldn’t intentionally get in the way of that!


Not only should they be easy to play, but we want each game we make to be accessible to any kind of player. We don’t want to make games that are so set-in-stone that only a certain breed of player can enjoy them. Whether you want to make your experience insanely challenging or walk-in-the-park easy should be up to you. It’s just our job to make a product that can bend better to your expectations as a player!


We don’t want to churn out games just because we can. We want each game to have a reason for existing. Whether it brings two people together at the same screen to enjoy some local co-op and strengthen their friendship or if it is a beautiful single player experience that causes you to rethink your priorities in life, we want each title we make to enhance and increase each individual.


In the pursuit of the greatest mission any human can have – to better know their Creator and the very fabric of existence – Jenito believes that video games are more than a “means to an end.” We believe they are a beautiful expression of one of the most fantastic gifts God gives: creativity. Without it we would not exist, and without it we could not enjoy!

-The Jenito Team