A dark, rainy summer night. A sleepy town with a skeleton in every closet. A bloody crime scene with gory, horrifying cult symbols left on each wall. Grab a hot cup of tea, your favorite cozy blanket, and get ready to wrap-up in the mesmerizing, stupefying, horrifying world that is The Grimsworth Reports: Woodfall.

Chuck Grimsworth is a special government agent tasked with investigating reports of bizarre, unexplainable, and assumptively paranormal events. When a shaken and broken sheriff calls from the enchanted town of Woodfall requesting Chuck’s help the agent has little warning of what awaits him. Players will dive into the persona of Chuck Grimsworth, a down-to-earth investigator with a knack for getting himself into and out of trouble. From their first crime scene to their more personal revelations about the lives and mannerisms of Woodfall’s denizens, our real-world detectives will realize the truth: Woodfall has a dark and nasty secret underneath its plain and simple façade. But there’s more than just one mystery to solve in this town, and each decision you make and conversation you carry on brings with it the opportunity to open new game paths – and close other doors forever.