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Get Super Mega Bob on Desura (Recommended):

bobaDesura Digital Distributiongraya

Desura is the best way to get Super Mega Bob Beta 0.2 installed, and it ensures that you’re kept up to date with all the latest releases of the beta – which means more free content for you! Alternatively, you can also download one of the free .ZIP installers below. The choice if yours!

DOWNLOADS (game currently PC only):


SUPER MEGA BOB INSTALLER DOWNLOAD (try only if above installer does not work): InstallLD

NOTE: YOU MUST UNINSTALL any OLD version of Super Mega Bob before installing the new beta, otherwise you’re just asking for confusion. Yes, you lose saved data, which is inconvenient. . . and why you should use Desura!! ;) I can tell you how to keep saved data if you want to get in touch via the contact page.

Please keep up with the game through Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube! I’ll be updating the beta, and this way you’ll be the first to know when more features are available. Thank you all so much for downloading! I’m looking forward to the future of Super Mega Bob!

TWITTER: @JDanielHall

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