Super Mega Bob was Jenito’s first major release and the first game we ever had to make it to Steam! It’s a challenge, of that there can be no doubt.

  • Super Mega Bob is a 2D shooter similar in style to Mega Man, The Binding of Isaac, and Cave Story
  • It features a unique leveling system which implements special Cards used to increase your health, strength, speed, etc.
  • There’s lots of room for customization, including hats, costumes, and more
  • While very open world in its style of play, it is story driven
  • It features an extremely retro, 16-bit era look and feel

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2 thoughts on “Super Mega Bob

  1. Hello! I love the game WITH A PASSION. Please make more games they are so fun I played the beta 0.2 but I kinda wanna know when this version will be released I wanna play the orginal not a already made version because I feel like it is rushed so people can play it already but usally I wanna wait for the creator to pubslish it because its had more effort but I was exicted so yeah I played the beta so to sum it up I LOVED THIS GAME (note it does crash frequently but who cares restart and and it works fine)so yeah umm well I guess im done thank you person who made this you are awesome love tmntlover

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