MicroTale Beta screenshots are finally here! Click on any image to open an enlarged version in a seperate window. MicroTale Beta is set for an official release on Friday, January 6th, 2012! We hope to post a downloadable .ZIP file to the website some time that same day. Interested in beta testing? Just download the file, then contact me here at Jenito to let me know what you think! A contact form will be coming soon, and all your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Share MicroTale with your friends! Please feel free to pass the Beta version around as freely as you like. MicroTale is a work in progress, and I’m very excited about its future direction. Constructive criticism is appreciated. Also make sure to use the Facebook, Twitter and Youtube links at the top right of this page to find Jenito throughout the web! “Likes,” “Followers,” and “Subscribers” are all greatly desired!

Hope you enjoy the game!