I’m glad you’re here, and I’m honored that you want to download MicroTale Beta 2.0. Links for MicroTale are towards the bottom of this page. But, while you’re here, why not pick up another free beta as well? My latest game, Super Mega Bob, is now available in its first public beta! Download and let me know what you think! šŸ™‚

The game requires XNA in order to run properly. If the game doesn’t seem to be working after you download it you can learn more about XNA here: “



SUPER MEGA BOB BETA V 0.1 “LD” ZIP FILE (download ONLY if above download does not work on your computer): SuperMegaBobBeta1LD

Please keep up with the game through Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube! I’ll be updating the beta, and this way you’ll be the first to know when more features are available. Thank you all so much for downloading! I’m looking forward to the future of Super Mega Bob!

TWITTER: @JDanielHall


Thanks for taking time to download the MicroTale Beta 2.0!

DownloadĀ MicroTaleBeta2.0Ā now!


IMPORTANT: If you have already installed the previous MicroTale Beta YOU MUST uninstall it using the Control Panel before installing the new Beta! I apologize for lost map data, but too many changes were made to the Beta to keep any of the previous information. Thanks for your understanding and patience.

You are downloading a 26 MB .ZIP file called “MicroTaleBeta2.0.”Ā Please specify a location (your Desktop, for example) when you download. After the download completes RIGHT CLICK on the .ZIP file and select theĀ “Extract All. . .” feature. You must then specify another location for where to extract the files. After extraction is complete open the MicroTaleBeta folder and find the file called “setup.” Double click and installation begins!

NOTE: You may have to download the XNA 4.0 Redistrubutable from Microsoft. The installer will handle this process for you!


*Multitasking while playing MicroTale should now work!

*Map data now loads and saves without any problems. I’ve also added autosave.

*You can now run by holding down the W key.

*Sound effects have been added.

*I’ve added a range and you can no longer “fast mine” by building a weak tile and then continuing to hold down the left mouse button.

*You can now play in 1680×1050!


*Minor misspellingsĀ can currently be found throughout theĀ in-game instructions and content

*The in-game instructions are not completelyĀ comprehensive

*Lower portions of the world lack special enemy types and look a bit crappy at times

9 thoughts on “Download MicroTale Beta 2.0

  1. It will be a really good game, nice ideas about the airship, I couldn’t figure out how to build something, that lasts forever. I mean when I build a bridge for example, after a time it starts to disappear from block to block. Anyway keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks! I’m using the iFeature theme, available using the WordPress theme search. It really is a great theme!

    1. Yes, a major flaw in the beta! Fortunately, that’s been fixed in the full version, available at Desura on May 1st. As for the Beta. . . don’t go down there! šŸ˜€

    1. If you search through Google you should find plenty of alternate download links for the game. Thanks for your interest! ;D

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