AVAILABLE NOW ON GOOGLE PLAY! Jumpy Goo is a unique “infinite runner” experience with a focus on precision jumping. In-game currency, powerups, hats, skins, and uniquely themed levels all add to the playability of Jenito’s first title for Android users.

Click this link to download Jumpy Goo in Google Play! The game is completely free of charge and also very kid/family friendly for those looking for a game everyone can enjoy.

Jumpy Goo is an easy game to pickup, but can take hours to truly master as you learn how to jump with an ever increasing amount of both grace and skill. Hats, skins, and player enhancements such as double jumping all play into the fun that is Jumpy Goo.


*Hours of endless replayability!
*Different Goo skins!
*Awesome hats!
*Creative level themes!
*Intuitive and easy to understand controls!
*Fun, super cute 2D graphics!