ADDICT On YouTube!

As a game designer/developer, there comes a moment of huge, intense satisfaction: the moment you see someone else enjoying your game.

Well, that moment has come! And I won’t lie – I am smiling from ear to ear as I write this. Not because I think I’m awesome or some bullcrap like that, but because I feel I’ve been able to share an experience with someone. That I’ve been able to give them, if just for a few moments, something to smile about. And that is AWESOME!

So, what the heck am I talking about? XD Fantastic question! Monday afternoon I contacted some YouTube “Let’s Players” with the concept of making playthroughs of ADDICT. . . and was actually surprised by the overwhelmingly positive response I received from many of them! But the distinction of first goes to Sinuyan, an amazing talent on YouTube with a fantastic channel which you should check out here!

So what am I waiting for?!?! I’m featuring his second vid here because it’s. . . the part where he finds the Watcher! 😉 But I’ve provided a link to the first video as well at the bottom of this article. Behold!

And the link to the first video: clicky here

As for the game itself – I’m working out a few little bugs which have been found, and otherwise just trying to make sure it’s all good to go. I’m still waiting to hear back from Desura, but I’m sure we’re all good there. In closing, some quotes from folks who have seen the game!

“Oh gosh the beginning scared me! D:”
“Looks like a nice game!”
“I like how mysterious it is!. . . So far it’s very polished compared to most of the games I’ve been playing. . . And for a one man team I’m very impressed!” – Sinuyan

Thanks to everoyne who’s showing interest in the game! I am so excited to be any part of this 🙂

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